Becca Hayton
Ali Bastian
Ali Bastian as Becca Hayton
Portrayed by: Ali Bastian
Duration: 2001-2007
First appearance: October 29, 2001
Last appearance: February 15, 2007
Cause/reason: Death
Full Name: Rebecca Margaret Hayton
Gender: Female
Born: July 13, 1982
Died: February 14, 2007
Cause of death: Stabbed by cellmate
Occupation: Unemployed/in prison
Residence: Prison
Parents: Charles Hayton
(father, deceased)
Margaret Hayton
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Nancy Hayton
Marital status: Jacob "Jake" Dean
(married) [??/2005-02/2007]
Children: Unnamed child
(with Jamie, deceased) {aborted}
Charles "Charlie" Dean
(son, with Justin)
Nieces & nephews: Oscar Osborne
Romances: James "Jamie" Nash
(dated, deceased)
Alexander "Alex" Bell
Adam Morgan
Benjamin "Ben" Davies
(dated, deceased)
Justin Burton
Justin Burton

Rebecca "Becca" Hayton Dean was a fictional character on the soap opera Hollyoaks.

Actress History:Edit

  • Ali Bastian (10/2001-02/2007)

Character History:Edit